What we do

In Toldos Maldonado we have customers from all around the world (Spaniards, English, German, Norwegian and Finnish people.) Most of them are almost lifelong clients, since they come back after 12 or 15 years to change only the canvas. The manner to these customers is in their own language because it is difficult for them to express what they want in Spanish.

We are specialised in PRODUCTION AND INSTALLATION of:

  • Mosquito nets: with frame, removable and pleated.
  • Blinds/Shutters: aluminium, wood, plastic, etc.
  • Curtains: Japanese paper, roller blinds (with a wide range of fabrics and colours).
  • Arbours (perfect for the countryside and the beach).
  • Pool covers.

We give advise in our clients’ home. Having taken the measures and taking into account our experience we advise them on the awning model that best suits their house. We even offer awnings that are not only for the sun, but also for protecting the house against the water in winter (on the own awning).
Our clients are surprised with these awning models that are so multi-use.
What sort of awnings are there?

When we talk about awnings, we can find different possibilities, regarding location and measures. Firstly, we should be clear about where we want to install it: windows, balcony, terrace… and then choose the suitable measure for each type of awning.
You can view all types of awnings clicking below:

More information about our company:​

  • Toldos Maldonado fijas y abatibles Folding or fix hood
  • Toldos Maldonado toldos extendibles 2 Awning with box
  • Toldos Maldonado corredero con instalacion 2
  • Toldos Maldonado toldo motorizado Wall transmitter/remote control
  • Toldos Maldonado tipo de pergola 2
  • Toldos Maldonado toldo extendible Semi-box awning
  • Toldos Maldonado extendible de brazo cruzado Articulated awning with cross arms
  • Toldos Maldonado cenador pergola


Avenida Cortijo de Giner, 5 Urbanización El Tomillar,

29740, Torre del Mar, Málaga

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