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How we work

We make note of our client’s address, we set an appointment according to our client’s availability and we go there. Once we are there, we take measures of the product that the client has requested; we give advice if there are better options.


If the client accepts the work, we begin the production immediately and we inform the client when it is ready to be installed and we go to install it, leaving the house clean and delivering a well-done job as we always do.



In Toldos Maldonado we only work with quality materials, we assist the clients as quickly as possible and we know that we work well, thank to our over 45 years of experience that allow us to know what we are doing.


We are a reference company throughout the Axarquia and beyond, in the province of Málaga, etc.


Furthermore, we have clients that have bought our awnings to take them to Germany and England.

Works by Awnings Madonado

  • Toldos Maldonado stores persianas
  • Toldos Maldonado cobertor para piscina ¿
  • Toldos Maldonado
  • Toldos Maldonado mosquiteras plisadas
  • Toldos Maldonado aguas inclinado
  • Toldos Maldonado telescopica
  • Toldos Maldonado pergolas
  • Toldos Maldonado toldo corredor
  • Toldos Maldonado toldo motorizado
  • Screen of shower and bath
  • Toldos Maldonado Modelos de persianas

Contact us:
952 544 242


Avenida Cortijo de Giner, 5 Urbanización El Tomillar,

29740, Torre del Mar, Málaga

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